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vendredi, septembre 09, 2005

big life dilemma

do i want

do i need

frail trumpet and out-of-tune



do i want

do i need

super-controlled super-calculated super-skilled


don't laugh

this might seems like trivial pebbles to you

but my whole life and future may depend on that

it's like

i know where i stand politically i know what art should be

the question is more where do i go from there where do i go where is the fun is fun frail or is fun massive can i tell you i love julius caesar because it's falling apart and i love basement jaxx because it's so damn crafted and maybe there's one type of intelligence that is made of carbon and another that is made of concrete you know?

only them have some kind of answer

i don't

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À 8:35 AM , Anonymous Momasu a dit...

As a consumer of your work, Olivier, I personally would like the question to be answered on the side of Tori Kudo rather than Sheena Ringo. But a dialectic between the two could be the most interesting solution, so maybe the synthesis shouldn't be synthesised too soon!

À 10:49 AM , Blogger odot a dit...

do you think you'd like my music the same way if i was totally on kudo's side? i'm definitely more a (sometimes) skillful "faiseur" (English equivalent) than a frail emotionalist, since i can't convey anything in a blunt, frontal, real way. my music is not real, it's trying to be real. so you're right, i may be looking for a synthesis between these two opposites, and it's driving me crazy. thank you for your words.

À 4:52 AM , Anonymous mariocanario a dit...

"just be yourself" some peoplez like to say "take it easy, go with the flow"
i personally can't decide between extremes of either being a wild child who draws purely from intuition 6th sense and playful improvisation, or trying to stick to a big, centuries old hyperdeveloped tradition of something (anything goes, flamenco, kabuki, woodblock cutting, classical sculpture, ballet, tai-chi, salsa dancing), which would be quite fake and unlikely, in turn

À 5:35 PM , Blogger InCo a dit...

ODOT! I am listening to your music all day thinking about your question! I wonder if you make a song of each style in the best way, and one of each in the worst. THen maube try puting the worst of one with the best of the other? Please don't be to hasty to choose any one thing only!

À 10:43 AM , Blogger odot a dit...

i'm working on the perfect combination.


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