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mardi, novembre 11, 2003

on part dans dix jours

au Japon. Yeah. Il me reste juste 6767832Z90O8756Z5E656Z989A609236783520982937 à faire d'ici là. Dont une petite playlist de saison:
Gram Parsons "A song for you"
Plaid "B-Born Droid"
Bob Dylan "Let Me Die in My Footsteps"
Hypo "New World Menuet"
Lisa Germano "We Suck"
Lisa Germano "Geek the Girl"
Queens of the Stonehenge "A Song for the Dead"
Richard Hell "The Plan"
Elvis Costello "Oliver's Army"
Domotic "These Days"
Bob Dylan "Farewell Angelina"
Bob Dylan "The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest"
Joseph Suchy "Canoeing Instructional"
Minifer "Paplipap"
The Adverts "Safety in Numbers"
XTC "Crosswires"
Fugazi "Instrument" (la chanson sur "Ill on the Kill Taker", pas l'album)
Edward L.Crain "Bandit Cole Younger"
Fugazi "Waiting Room"
BRMC "Generation"
Fugazi "Floating Boy"
The Masked Marvel "Mississipi Boweavil Blues"
Fugazi "Margin Walker"
Frank Hutchinson "Stackalee"
Fugazi "Dear Justice Letter"
Dick Justice "Henry Lee"
Fugazi "Stacks"
Sleepy Jackson "Sunkids"
Fugazi "Break-In"
Clarence Ashley "Coo Coo Bird"
Wire "Sexy and Rich"
Fugazi "Fell, Destroyer"
Richard Hell & Elvis Costello live at CBGB, 1978 "The Kid with the Replaceable Head"
Fugazi "Argument"
moi vs. Sutekh feat. Zoé "Privacy Pt.III"
Fugazi "Merchandise"
Bob Dylan "No More Auction Block"
Dock Boggs "Country Blues"

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