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dimanche, mai 16, 2004

Hi I Like You

"Drunk is no good for you, he said.
When you get drunk, I get scared of you. When you get drunk, I get tired from you. So tired.
You scared of me drunk? she said in amazement.
It's OK! Drunk is only happy!
But I'm scared. I'm sorry Reepah, but I get scared from you.
Ok, she said, very softly.
Promise me no drunk, Reepah, please?
OK, I promise.
I get you one more beer. You want Michelob or Budweiser?
I don't know, she said. I'm sorry I said that. John?
What is it, honey?
Hi, John.
Hi, Reepah.
Hi John. I like you."
(The Rifles)

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