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jeudi, janvier 27, 2005

fragmented after all

cogitating about the new daft punk
this is how far we've got
being dependent on one single guy with mischievous (socialist?) intentions who puts it on the internet
and then it's as with this virus in the season three of 24 (everyone is talking about that too, right?)
free mass cattle all line up
i'm part of that
and there are all these background hisses and noises about a hoax, people making theories (as seen on marxy's blog,
"Those mp3 tracks are made up of fragments from the real album looped to fit the actual track length and block up file-trading. This sounds more plausible as the songs themselves sound of the Daft Punk mode. I like theory #1 more - just the idea of someone quickly putting together a slew of fake DP tracks with the titles as the lyrics")
going in and around as quick as the time it actually takes to listen to the album
well the counterfeiters would be master producers then
because guess what
the album is very decent
if it's a counterfeit i love that counterfeit
with a little dab of basement jaxx or modselektor it would rock ten times harder, though
i could help you, guys. seriously.
apart from that, California is the big thing when dealing with depressive black metal (can't stop listening to that Krieg "Black House" lp)
and this is way way more important in my consumer's life.

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À 7:48 PM , Blogger Digiki a dit...

the real fun is happening in 24 day 4, season 3 is past :)


À 7:48 AM , Anonymous Anonyme a dit...

They may be real. I am just having fun with the idea that they could be fake - especially if someone other than Daft Punk made them. I now think that's impossible - if they aren't real, they are fragments of the real album - but what a delightful world that allows such ridiculous speculation.


À 9:21 AM , Blogger odot a dit...

that is indeed a fascinating thing. i am absolutely baffled at the idea of someonne actually making a plausible daft punk album as a true one, especially as: their music itself is very counterfeitable, very much of ou tome, and as this is obviously a lazy (though brilliant) record. have you read "the recognitions", by your fellow citizen william gaddis (rip)? it is (in the beginning) about a genius painter who does new, unseen paintings by legendary Dutch master such as Van Eyck. my very good friend also suggested to me the other day that the vocals of paul mccartney on the "naked" version of across the universe on let it be naked had been enhanced by an autotune effect, which is part of the same crazy idea of our times' crazy quest for "authenticity".
let's make a good counterfeit daft punk album, you and me.

À 5:49 PM , Blogger Digiki a dit...

can't wait to hear what the two of you can do together.
I'll add to the recommandations 'F for fake' by Orson Welles, one of my favourite movie (and absolutely underrated).

I'm off to record another counterfeit album.


À 1:29 AM , Anonymous Anonyme a dit...

this story reminds me of another fake story , in "le cabinet d'amateur" by georges perec

À 6:10 PM , Blogger odot a dit...

how can i be so wrong?
of course it could never be paul's voice on across the universe as he doesn't sing on across the universe. the song i was talking about is obviously the long and winding road. silly me.


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