"You are the ONLY person to visit this page. No one else will ever come here"

samedi, février 12, 2005


you're a kind of loose-based pyramid
dr seuss is dead
arthur miller just died i didn't even know he was still alive
the new QOTSA sounds like a bag of shite
i am definitely of the nicest branch of my family tree
you are a very self-sufficient girl
i am not a very self-sufficient guy
so far three different persons used the words "brian" and "wilson" to publically evoke my art, and it surprised me three times
i can't sop to hear those sounds so i have convinced myself that they are textures of an indefatigable civilization
i am tired of ALL form of attitude
i can't stand to see those little dwelling hitlers popping up everywhere just for the sake of being hip
andrew bird chose the nicest of titles for his latest record, it's "the mysterious production of eggs".

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