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jeudi, avril 07, 2005

uzi feeling

je réécoute cette tuerie de y a trois ans
me rappelle

Yo what the f**k yo?! Yo what the f**k y'all comin for?
Get the f**k away from my door!
We got big guns in here, coke over there
With blue bag and E pills stashed under the chair
And there's Boss Hog black and white pit with the pink lips
Stan thought he was soft 'til he bit his fingers
The shit had me dyin yo, big fat nigga bleedin
Big cat nigga all season
On the beach truck, stuck with Hawaiian ice
Diamond twice the whole city thought I bought FUBU
Blew you, authentic doodoo, picture the fog iced out
Eighteen karat rap between noodles

ouais ils nous avaient prévenus

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