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jeudi, mai 05, 2005

est-ce que je veux une descendance

le faux Mark Twain de David Carkeet écrit, sur sa fille Jean

"Jean is incomparably sweet, & good, & entertaining. Sits in my lap, at the fag-end of dinner, & eats "Jean-quum" (crumbs) & messes up the table with "Jean shawt" (salt) puts "Jean fum" (plums -i.e. grapes) in "Jean himble-bo" (finger-bowl) & says "Naughty George -ve'y naughty George," when George brushes off her salt. Won't consent that she is mamma's blessed Miss Jane -no, is "Papa besshy Miss Chain"

j'écoute "Blue Lips" de Regina Spektor

je me tords le cerveau dans tous les sens

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À 1:47 PM , Blogger lowfi.feli. a dit...

nly this
whom always i
do nothing)deepens
with wind(and hark
begins to

Rain) (...)



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