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jeudi, décembre 01, 2005

pounding on you lectern

"Our life sucks only because we wish it didn't" (wrote benjamin kunkel, of n+1 fame, in his so-so indecision novel)

enjoying simple displays of beauty

susumu yokota building pop songs with steve reich or camille st saëns and a sequencer

awing at what my memory can do with weird symbols

awing at speed

enjoying the secret pornography of my daily life

assembling titles for a cool record with a monolith sticker

so far, it's

ブリングザノイズ! (me and my full soundproof bodymuffle)
the macguffin
julie you don't
genius boy
return of the night goat
force ten shitstorm
book of generators
electric emily
the aerialist
metempsycho tammy darling

loving ancient times for modern times' sake

it's all very simple

and it's all a lie.

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À 8:57 PM , Anonymous David a dit...

Good News is wonderful.


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