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samedi, mai 29, 2004

c'est johann qui va être content

Cette nuit j'ai rêvé que je sortais avec Kirsten Dunst, on s'entendait super bien, mais elle avait quarante ans, et ça ça me posait un problème.


Ouais, effectivement, si Kirsten Dunst avait quarante ans, ça me poserait un problème.

(John Barth, dans The Floating Opera: "Were you ever chagrined by storues that seemed to promise some revelation, and then cheated their way out of it? I've run more times than I'd have chosen to into stories concerning some marvelous invention - a gravity-defier, or a telescope powerful enough to see men on Saturn, or a secret weapon capable of dislocationg the solar system- but the mechanics of the gravity device are never explained; the question of Saturn's habitation is never answered; we're not told how to build our own solar-system dislocators.")

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