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vendredi, novembre 11, 2005

dance in full-body muffle, a new sound is upon the world

I told you that already, reading Notable American Women by this

of a writer (here appearing in disguise)
it seems the guy's been drilling holes in my mind. here's an example from page 83:

Boston widow Claire Dougherty is arrested on her doorstep October 3 by detective Sherman Greer as she tries to swallow a coded message. In prison, she refuses to speak and appears to suffer at hearing any kind of sound, a condition termed Listener's Disease, in which even sounds produced by her own body appear to cause her agony. She must wear a soundproof suit and a life helmet. State doctors report that there is nothing unusual in Dougherty's hearing, but they agree to relieve her with a quiet cell in the prison and a full-body muffle, later termed a Claire Mitten and worn by young girls who are sickened or distraught at the sound of their own voices. Before she dies, in November, she writes in a letter to her daughter that"...a new sound is upon the world. We have erred greatly and will be killed for it. Look to the soil, for the sound to me was beneath it. Walk slow or do not walk. Hide. Duck. Listen." Detective Greer, the arresting officer, will die a year later, complaining of a "sharp noise" in the water near his home. His cause of death is listed as exhaustion. The two deaths will launch several studie of disease caused by sound, and Greer's wife will later appear in the streets of Boston wearing an executioner's hood. Her body, upon examination, will reveal heavily damaged ears".

This may seem somewhat trivial, but I value it incalculably inspirational. This extract indeed almost sounds as an explanatory plot about what I'm trying to achieve in my so-called art, and Marcus seems to be writing about noise only for language's sake, and in a somewhat hazardous manner. Believe it or not, but I'd love my music to talk about, recycle, evoke sound that spreads and kills - and pop music is fraying and killing people by millions already through vibrations and data, and mostly the ones who are not listening to it but who suffer from its residua, its pernicious resonances and words.
I really don't want to w.a.s.t.e your time but the horns

are clarioning already.

Next in line, structureless-wise, might be Gilbert Simondon, but his two books are painfully hard to dig out.

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