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jeudi, octobre 20, 2005

experimental drone record with a black metal artwork to make it cool

could there be an sense of
evil when it comes to bloody advertisement ripping politicized, stringently dignified, absolutely praiseworthy artists?

there's this advertisement on French television for an insurance company that uses
Waiting Room's legendary bassline to a mellow, midi-arranged nightmare


and you've all heard about this story of nike using
minor threat's artwork
for their one masterpiece

i mean what did go in these people's minds when they
chose this one guy

and make his nights more difficult with nightmares? is it for
the fun of challenging
a respectable guy?

sorry for the manichean cliché but the terror of capitalistic
cheeky recklessness
towards all confrontationial voices seems without a limit and
it's scary like a
bloody pentagram on
a chanel dress



wear it like a cool record you don't like

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