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lundi, février 21, 2005

my next gigs

13/03 Nijni Novgorod
14/03 Kazan
17/03 Toliatti
18/03 Samara
19/03 Saratov
then, probably, Sotchi, and Taganrog
27/03 Rostov

My fellow unknown far away possible friends, be there or be square.

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À 8:37 AM , Anonymous Anonyme a dit...

these names are great! are they cities? are they norse gods? are they satanic band names?

À 10:16 AM , Blogger odot a dit...

oh how i wish i wouldn't go there by myself
if you'd come with me we'd be drinking vodka every day never ceasing to be amazed by the magnificent landscapes.
by the way, dear r., i'll also be in japan (only on tokyo for a while, though) for one whole month in august, for a very special project...


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