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lundi, juin 20, 2005

the greatest punchlines ever are buzzing in your cellphone

I like

Candy, toys,
Clothes, shopping,
Music, boys,
Flowers, beaches,
Mom and Dad
These here things
Make me glad

I hate Players
Suckers, liars
Boys who smoke
And go start fires
Cant stand school
Or when the weathers bad
These here things
Make me sad

I like things
That make me glad
I dont like things
That make me sad
Life is lived
And time goes by
The stars still shine
Up in the sky

2 commentaires:

À 11:27 AM , Anonymous Anonyme a dit...

le sample des yeah yeah yeahs avec le triangle simplet, c'est malicieux comme tout

À 10:58 AM , Blogger odot a dit...

malheureusement see you next tuesday est un peu bof


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