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mardi, septembre 20, 2005

if you'd set your mind free babe maybe you'd understand

I'll get deeper into this thing later

but here's the intro

i NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER could figure out the whole roger nelson vs. michael j debate

i mean, one used to be an ok entertainer who made decent records because he had a genius producer behind (that's quincy jones, in case you're wondering), the other wrote, produced and performed at least 5 masterpieces (i'm tempted to say 7) and was without one dab of doubt the most interesting mainstream artist of the 80s

shawn, come on, you know what i'm talking about? or else you're just like everyone else, you just never listened to the actual records

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À 2:39 PM , Anonymous chienloup a dit...

peut-être, mais roger nelson n'a pas un jeu Master System et une paire de L.A.Gear cloutées à son nom. et c'est sans doute ça que l'Histoire retiendra.

À 1:12 PM , Anonymous Chacal Check a dit...

Quincy Jones, oui
mais Teddy Riley a aussi produit des pures bombtracks sur "Dangerous" (au moins les deux premiers morceaux si mes souvenirs sont bons)
n'oublions jamais.

À 4:06 PM , Blogger viktor sjöberg a dit...

"without one dab of doubt the most interesting mainstream artist of the 80s"

So, I guess you don't consider Pet Shop Boys mainstream artists, then?

À 10:42 AM , Blogger odot a dit...

petshop boys are alright but if i want to be decent i need to mention new o way way before


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