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mardi, octobre 04, 2005

pretty grey rentree

katerine sings "il me reste plus beaucoup de temps"

mccartney sings "i thought my time was up"

katerine sings "il me reste plus beaucoup de temps

sur mon portable"

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À 11:00 AM , Blogger catjams a dit...

dear olammdot,

how the hell can i subscribe to this blog? do you have an xml or rss feed hidden somewhere?

very lazy,

À 6:25 PM , Blogger odot a dit...

dear channing,


if you happen to know how i can do that please help.

thank you.

À 7:01 PM , Blogger Digiki a dit...

oui c'est marrant cette tendance à ne plus avoir de temps

À 8:54 AM , Blogger catjams a dit...

Okay, it looks like you and Mysterious and I all have our blogs set up the same way -- using Blogger on our own server space.

try this:

go to your Blogger login page,
go to Blog Settings (the little gear next to the plus sign),
then go to the Site Feed tab,
then say:
-Publish Site Feed: "Yes"
-Descriptions: "Full" (in my opinion)
-Site Feed Server Path: while I can't be sure, it's whatever directory on your actual server that your blog is hosted at. Mine is at , so my field says "/" . This may be filled in already.
-Site Feed Filename: "atom.xml"
-Site Feed URL: the directory that your blog is hosted at, but the actual web-accessible address. My field says "" . You can have problems with this if the XML file isn't actually at the URL you specify here.
-Article Footer: "look channing, this actually works, you're a human genius"


make a link on your template somewhere to your Site Feed URL. Like mine is: well, I'll do this with parentheses so you can see it but you know it's HTML
(a href="")xml feed(/a)

publish your template and that's it!

try it out dude! unless you already tried all that.

À 8:56 AM , Blogger catjams a dit...

ps: thanks for the recommendation on shiina ringo!

À 9:50 AM , Blogger odot a dit...

ok catjams

the adress is

i hope it's working

let me know

À 6:42 PM , Blogger catjams a dit...

eureka! We'll know for sure if it catches your next post. don't forget to link to it on your template somewhere so Bloglines can auto-find it.


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