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lundi, avril 20, 2009

us, morons

je n'en parle jamais parce que quand j'en parle je suis Gargamel mais là j'ai vraiment trop la haine:

en même temps que partout des petits gangsters brandissent bien haut l'étendard *libertaire* pour justifier notre avidité, des amis de Suède mettent la clé sous la porte

alors je copie colle et je chiale

Dotshop to close down

20/04/2009, 15:25

// For immediate release //

It is with sadness that we today must inform you that we are closing down our operation. The sales have dropped radically due to all the illegal file sharing going on, and we can no longer survive.

We have learned many things and we are proud and happy to have been able to represent so many great labels and artists, and we would like to thank each and everyone of you for a good collaboration and for the good music you have released. We wish you the very best of luck and fortune in the future.

We sincerely hope that all artists and musicians around the world start to speak up and fight for their professions and careers, or else we are afraid it's all gloom and doom from here. Unless you find a way how to monetize chaos.

This whole scene we are witnessing is a circus where pirates have hi-jacked concepts that are too important to be misused the way they are: democracy, freedom, bright future. These entities, it seems, are beyond their grasp and comprehension, as they truly have absolutely nothing to do with piracy.

File sharing without the permission of the owner of the copyright is a real killer. It is killing us. And it is killing the labels we work with. It is a fight for our livelihoods, and for free culture. Because without a strong copyright law we risk to be caught in a patronage and sponsoring web (and that is a kick-back by 200 yrs). We need copyright laws. And we need people who respect the law and pays the author.

We wish that everyone had the same respect for the creator as the many customers of Dotshop. And to all of you, our loyal music loving customers from all over the world - we thank thee graciously for your support, love and intelligence. Thank you!

You will all have a final op to purchase great music. Starting in June we shall have a BIG SALES CAMPAIGN to empty our shelves. This campaign will go on until we have cleared the shelves or till the end of August, whichever occurs first.

Anders Bersten, on behalf of team Dot.

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