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samedi, janvier 17, 2004

buried secrets: fifth and final day

The edit task of Event 20 was the most difficult one, obviously. From the listening of the four hours of edit already done simultaneously with the recording to the final re-edits and choice of the 47 tracks, Karine, Damien, FP and Raphaël had a mammoth work to achieve. Karine spilled some wine on her laptop, the first cds were burnt three hours late in the middle of the final evening, but they did it, baby. The cd is here, and, I think, is a good overview of what those 24 hours were - even if I'm a bit sad 74 minutes is not enough to include even one long entire track (I hope some will be released one day or another). To speak of the final evening, it all went very smoothly, the gigs were great, and Karine and Davide danced on stage during my live set. Yuki's "Shiki" installation was incredibly well realized, and, I don't know if it was thanks to the tiny turtle swimming in the tank, but there were people around it all the time. Together with Raphael's video, Emmanuelle's and Davide's installations, I think this evening looked amazingly good and was yet another proof of how much we indeed rule. Oh yeah. We rule.

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