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jeudi, janvier 15, 2004

fourth non blonde

Mission terminated. We did it, we did the 24 hours. The third afternoon was very painful, but we did it. Otsukaresama, like they say, we ended with live buzz riddims and a little game of *chaises musicales*, and we fested with grilled salmon and red wine. Downstairs, in the Café, a duet of real musicians caused me to wonder about the essence of the music we'd played during those 24 hours. The musical range - from harsh noise, black metal and medieval marches to marimba cicadas and ragga skat - was astounding, and we did it all with a *naiveté* and a sincerity that, I guess, is not to be found in just any musicians. I'm quite proud of who we are and what we do, and I guess it's an amazing luck that we - Noak, MJC, Herz, Davide, Ftef, FP, and I -found each other. The people who played with us - René especially - noted that it was quite difficult and awkard to play with us, as we all seemed to know each other very well, I mean, musically. I don't know about that. But it's true that we really get along. Today, we have hard work to do. We edited from the 24 recorded cds yesterday until 1.30 in the morning, and now we have to make a selection of the edits for the Event 20 cd we're selling tonight. Everybody is arguing about the artwork just now, just behind me, Yuki is trying things with "Shiki" (the video+water+sound+turtle installation I made a soundtrack for) and I still have to rehearse one more time.

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