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lundi, janvier 12, 2004

Gent'n' roses 2 (je peine à blogger)

Second/Third day. We ate a waffel in a tea room next to Sophie's house for breakfast). We walked around Gent and tried to steal little plants around the city hall just like everybody was doing. Everybody (Karine, Raphael, FP, JC, Damien, Emmanuelle) arrived at six. Heavy gear. Tricky installation, with the guitars and all. Introductions. We met the guys from Gent who want to play with us, and who want to participate in Davide and Stéphane's Ganattack thing. Everybody seems quite motivated, very enthusiastic, and even if I'm a bit disappointed that the people from Kraaak can't make it (because they work all day), I am too. Cool restaurant after that, some guy tried to give me a kiss through the window of Beatrice's mother's car, I ate dull spicy food and the conversations eventually ended being about black metal and all, and the wine was goood. Beatrice, Davide, Stephane and I went to bed too early so we began watching Roger and Me but I'd already seen it so my attention decreased rapidly. This night, I had restless dreams and had to pick a fight with Davide (but he won) because I couldn't manage to wake him up) so I finished sleeping on the floor (but he told me he missed me this night). End of second day. Serious matter this morning, meeting at Vooruit at 9.30. The sound installation is indeed so tricky that it took us five hours to begin the Event 20 atelier. But we began allright, it's been three hours of krautrock riffs and weird noises already, Béatrice is drinking hot chocolate, Davide and Stéphane must have a hard time under the rain and I keep wondering why she never answers when I say goodnight at night when we turn off the light. More later today.

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