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vendredi, janvier 09, 2004


Paul uses:
a tama granstar with 24" kick drums..12,13,14" toms...16" floor toms....

pearl free floating snare drums

sabian crash cymbals...zildjian hi hats...paiste rude 21" ride

remo heads axis pedals regal tip quantum 3000 drum sticks

Alex uses:
Amps: SVT 4 Pro. My SVT 200T is finally being retired after ten years, but I still have it as back up. My cabinets are the classic Ampeg 8x10.

Basses: Two Modulus Quantum 5 five string basses with EMG pickups. These are the two I bring on tour, but I also own a few other basses, including: An Ibanez SR 1500, an Ibanez SB900, two Fender P-basses, a Modulus Sonic Hammer and two Spector Euro 5 strings, one black, the other black and blue stain.

Strings: DR High Beams, 125 to 45.

Other stuff: I use cloth guitar straps with Dunlop strap locks. I never use effects live, but sometimes in the studio I use a Sans Amp bass driver DI in addition to my amp's signal, to blend in a very slight distortion, to recreate the "live" feel.

Pat uses:
guitars: flying Vs 6 and 7 string jackson randy rhoads

amps: mesa boogie triple rectifier mesa boogie coliseum 300 2 marshall 4x12 cabs

effects: boss metalzone boss octiver t.c.electronic distortion t.c.electronic chorus

Jack uses:
2 Brian Moore i2 Single cutaways 1 Brian Moore MC/1 Sunburst 1 Schecter C-1 Plus Sunburst 1 Schecter A-7, gray with Floyd Rose Bridge 1 Ibanez Universe 7 Seven String 1 '68 Fender Strat Custom 1 Eyeball guitar custom

Sound: Digitech 2101, Digitech xp-100, Digitech xp-200, Custom Solid State power amp Crate c-130 Head All ran through Crate 4x12 cabinets. Chandler Power supply

Misc: Tortex M3 picks, green or purple SIT Strings, various gauges Schaller Strap Locks Seymour Duncan pickups Straps and cables by various companies

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