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samedi, septembre 01, 2007

profan sundialing

en parlant de synthèse
j'hésite entre celui-là et celui-ci, donc je crois que ça sera les deux en même temps, un à droit, un à gauche.

et puis, yeah

forthcoming release info THE NEVERENGINE TRESOR231

"The NeverEngine - a collection of recordings synthesised using bespoke sequencing algorithms designed to interpolate between data-states, and so slide beats into bleeps and tones into drones. The first generation of engine, code-named the Xpute (transpute), began to drive itself on, using interpolation to slow down perceptions of time and linear frequency shifts to optimise its own states, tending towards an orgonic singularity, now known as 'The Woop' - sonic parallels and external references can legitimately be made with a similar strange attractor that emerged from the electronarcosound output at the turn of the 20th century , an intensive and self-replicating human/audio interaction that took place between the years 1994 and 1998 - these references are sometimes taggable as ChiTown, Jack, Bug or Wonky Worm.

Cristian Vogel has been overseeing the refinement and evolution of these interpolating state engines, and presents here the first chapter documenting the sonic results of this concentrated research and development into what could be one of the more important steps into orgone driven electronic music. He has reported further massive refinements to these so-called 'NeverEngines' which we hope will emerge from Station55 as soon as they are fit for human consumption."

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