"You are the ONLY person to visit this page. No one else will ever come here"

lundi, janvier 31, 2005

heading to poitiers, quoting eggers misplacedly


vendredi, janvier 28, 2005

hell of a logo


apparently the two guys behind sensorama (a personal fav) and acid jesus are now doing this very hip alter ego thing
despite the fact that it's obviously throwable material
'rocker' really rocks.

khanh-linh found that

this is a romantic weblog, ye bastard

we sit upright as we kiss, and at first we kiss like friends, with our eyes open, almost laughing. but as our hands star moving, we begin to believe, and our eyes close, and our heads turn this way and that, we're kissing each other but so much more, kissing like warriors saving the world, the last two, the only two who can save everything - and because we are too post-drunk tired to keep our hands upright with our eyes shut, we recline, and soon the towel underneath her is just a crooked snakeskin and we have taken off our pants, the air cool where we are now bare.

sleep in harmony

i'd like to know the name of that architect who designed the beautiful buildings of that city i visit once in a while at night, in my dreams
i think the town itself is supposed to look like paris
but because i've got a few other things in mind at night it ends up looking like a strange combination of barcelona, paris, new york and le caire
the problem being, i can't really ask my subconscious

oh it's such a beautiful city

you should see the hotels, the glorious avenues

and the zoo

jeudi, janvier 27, 2005

fragmented after all

cogitating about the new daft punk
this is how far we've got
being dependent on one single guy with mischievous (socialist?) intentions who puts it on the internet
and then it's as with this virus in the season three of 24 (everyone is talking about that too, right?)
free mass cattle all line up
i'm part of that
and there are all these background hisses and noises about a hoax, people making theories (as seen on marxy's blog,
"Those mp3 tracks are made up of fragments from the real album looped to fit the actual track length and block up file-trading. This sounds more plausible as the songs themselves sound of the Daft Punk mode. I like theory #1 more - just the idea of someone quickly putting together a slew of fake DP tracks with the titles as the lyrics")
going in and around as quick as the time it actually takes to listen to the album
well the counterfeiters would be master producers then
because guess what
the album is very decent
if it's a counterfeit i love that counterfeit
with a little dab of basement jaxx or modselektor it would rock ten times harder, though
i could help you, guys. seriously.
apart from that, California is the big thing when dealing with depressive black metal (can't stop listening to that Krieg "Black House" lp)
and this is way way more important in my consumer's life.


entendu aujourd'hui

"émilie simon, diplômée de l'ircam"

non mais je vais vous buter moi

mercredi, janvier 26, 2005

stupid thoughts n°667-612

would i be cooler if i were a girl
would i be cooler if i came wrapped up in postmodern fabric
would i be cooler if i had more stature
would i be cooler if i wore corpse paint
would i be cooler if i were erratic, like you lazy selfish fuckers
would i be cooler if i were inconsistent

the fragile


i love you.

that's weird

how hateful you seem of everything that comes around
please take separate ways
and don't you dare talk to me in that scornful way again

(did i lock the front door?)

mardi, janvier 25, 2005

they cover VU

(they cover venus in furs bm style but with tenderness)

it rocks

(nico was ghoulish anyway she'd have loved it)

Dave Eggers

"A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius"

i really expected something smart and funny

well it's smart funny and really hardcore stuff. the "acknowledgements" part is indeed "ahah" half barth-like self-reflexive half "i hate being a writer" ("ooh Look at me, I'm Dave, I'm writing a book! With all my thoughts in it! La la la!") mark leyner yet it's definitely more tragic driven. the episode of the non-stop bleeding nose is really one of the mots intense incipit i read in years.

jeudi, janvier 20, 2005

should i make a difference or should i please

have you seen the moon yesterday evening
around here it was oh my

what the hell happens when nothing happens

i fall down

i'd like you to see me sell my blood at some point

mardi, janvier 18, 2005

en intraveineuse

strapping young lad - city (it goes so fast)
pig destroyer - terrifyer (how could i have waited so long and natasha, oh natasha)
xasthur - to violate the oblivious (teeth grinning and arse whipping)
abazagorath - sacraments of the final atrocity (as brutal as you can get)
crowpath - red on chrome (fuzzy stacks of chaos)

in a few words

so many funny names,

so many z's and x's

and yet i feel blue i still miss you

dimanche, janvier 16, 2005

let's take a walk on Titan, you and me

i'd tickle the inside of your palm while you promise me the craziest of things
we'd lose whichever snippets of hostility that would remain
we'd lose our mind at the view of so many splendored things, the immensity of canyons and stars
we'd gently fuck in semi gravity
we'd laugh remembering how shabby our lives of the past actually were
we'd never come back

vendredi, janvier 14, 2005

they've kept me sort of happy in non happy land

blessed black wings
la page neuf de "bunker anatomie" de christophe claro
la neuvième frette de ma yamaha en harmonique
karen revisited
nes de nescafé
le vrai café chez moi
le café dans les café
les paumes
"quartiers de on"
"balaklava" à très faible volume
un nouveau morceau qui s'appelle pour l'instant "vikram"
une jolie fille mercredi soir dans le public
le remix 6 du cd 2 de "26 mixes for cash"
les oeufs pas vraiment mollets pas vraiment durs
"diego" de thrones

fight terror with soothing plans

tu es partie mais ce matin à la radio je ne sais pas pourquoi ils ont passé making plans for nigel dans mon lit entre deux je me suis dit être content ça tient à rien à rien du tout

(vous savez à un moment colin dit Nigel just needs this helping hand and if young Nigel says he's happy he must be happy)

jeudi, janvier 13, 2005

a really strange record indeed

"sperm whale + white rabbit" i.e. the combination of two former eps/ mashes up low bitrate drum machines low end overdriven gurgles of bass guitar and vocoded snippets of poetrymelody / allows two opposite spectres of the musical world to speak together / it's heavy it's riffing it's thin and funky it's wild / it's prog and dead simple /it's unhinged and it's very much controlled / it's melvins and bill clinton / it ends with crickets. and oh man look at the amazing artwork.

I wake up with drool on my chin

whenever i can't sleep in the morning

push it up a little

grossir le trait
faire du gros
grossir les rangs
faire du grand

hier soir jb m'a dit tout ce que je penses sur moi
mais crois-tu seulement que j'en sois capable
en tout cas cette fois-ci je n'ai plus peur de ne pas plaire

ça va cogner

(derrière moi il y a gorguts, un truc fascinant)

patches of snow patches of dirt

je ne veux pas te laisser partir
rest until tomorrow
cette nuit il y aura de la houle
peut-être même de la tempête

dimanche, janvier 09, 2005

does steve albini's drum sound imprint match matt pyke's obsessive post black sab sonic assaults

yes it does
plus it all goes faster this time


take as needed for pain

sunn o))) c'est quand même de la musique de FILLETTES
buvez un peu les gars

(i put some sludge in my coffee this morning)

looking for a silent destiny

je crains soudainement
le grand boulversement
tu ouvres la bouche
j'entend un grand ressac, un déglutissement
il n'y a guère que la paume de tes mains moite et craquelée pour me faire croire à ce qui arrive
je n'entend même pas un bruit
il y a comme un flash, une éternité, un souffle chaud
on n'entend rien et quand on l'entendra ce sera après à l'envers
j'enfonce mon autre main dans ta fesse droite, tu es à ma droite, mais tu as déjà froid
à peine cramponnés nous somme déjà soufflés
ne construis rien
ne construis rien
ne dis rien
je ne dirai rien

vendredi, janvier 07, 2005

i'd like to do her so she can sing on a track of mine


hey cg

and i can't decide whether weakling is a hell of a band from hell or just a band of ironic moronic mfuckers

i had the perfect title this night half-sleeping but i forgot it all i remember is the word wassenar in it

have you heard

this record

it's like
clicking on the right spot
at the right moment
with something dangerous
a banana

tempes emmêlées, doigts écrasés, katje qui joue à hansel et gretel avec blicero
les spirales de la pourriture
je me demande si vous n'êtes pas trop comment dire porté sur les vertus de l'analyse vous démontez tout parfait et alors? il ne vous reste que des pièces détachées, en somme.

jeudi, janvier 06, 2005

mais qu'est-ce qui m'a pris

de m'acheter une guitare
je suis de nouveau ultra pauvre

interact, ye bloody otherness-made mate

you can leave comments now

please do.

mercredi, janvier 05, 2005


i'm working on a new record
it should be all electronics
love, perhaps
name of the work in progress is "dave witte" but it is subject to change
as it is, as the title suggests, a love letter to the drummer of the same name.

tiens, curieux

j'adore "vive la vie".

mardi, janvier 04, 2005

bulle de data

elle sait se servir des silences qu'elle crée elle-même elle improvise des coins de clame dans une pièce sous les draps au travers d'une nappe au hasard

i like this line so much

"somehow when you smiled i could brave bad weather"

(this comes from "tommy")

masturbating the war god





les tierces sur le thème
la plaie sur la cavité
la paume sur le bout du doigt
une tige enfoncée dans le nez pour empêcher qu'il s'écroule et puis avec le temps il finit par rester collé
"quand on l'a retiré tout mon nez est sorti avec"

merci walter, vraiment, merci

lundi, janvier 03, 2005

take a walk down the plane

i remember the first time i heard of andy partridge
il était tout en noir et son nez rouge était presque lumineux dans le désordre de la photo
il ne me faisait pas du tout rire
je détestais son imitation de dylan
et puis il a suffit de quelques grillons synthétiques et puis tout, les descentes pentatoniques, les ouhouhouh, les synthés délavés, les jazzy chords, les fautes impardonnables, sont devenus des petites particules dorées qui s'accrochent à la peau et qu'on ne peut pas enlever à moins de gratter fort de se blesser et de revenir tout triste à la réalité mais les chansons de partridge enfin, les plus belles, sont un peu comme ces cavités de corps dans lesquelles on aime bien enfouir sa tête et oublier que dehors il fait froid (ce monde où ils ont froid, elle dit, dans "ma mère") ou plutôt, non, que dehors même existe
je ne sais plus où j'ai lu une citation tronquée de bourdieu qui dit exactement ce que j'aimerais dire et en plus je ne m'en rappelle pas

two quotes for o five

"You're trapped in a world of angels who no longer care in the space where his hand was, my hand is reaching out for you there love is the weapon left after the fall It may not seem like much but girl that's all there is girl I love you" (this one's by tom rapp)


"Il adore leur parler des lucioles. Les petites anglaises ignorent tout des lucioles, c'est tout ce qu'il sait d'elles' (celle là est traduite de thomas pynchon)