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vendredi, octobre 21, 2005

pretty sugary gong

i guess every blog on the planet will mention this pretty soon

the most heavily sugar dosed outputs don't always come from where you expect

the new is about flying moutains and it is a killer house record

it even has a super nice black metal track about birds

jeudi, octobre 20, 2005

stopped at an outcrop

good news in the frailty territory i'm totally obsessed by these tenniscoats gals and boys

they're so discreet so glossless it's like a balm for my silly skill obsessions

you know?

anyway please hear this *donuts* song or this other "sea of japan" song it really made my day my week i don't know

you know

experimental drone record with a black metal artwork to make it cool

could there be an sense of
evil when it comes to bloody advertisement ripping politicized, stringently dignified, absolutely praiseworthy artists?

there's this advertisement on French television for an insurance company that uses
Waiting Room's legendary bassline to a mellow, midi-arranged nightmare


and you've all heard about this story of nike using
minor threat's artwork
for their one masterpiece

i mean what did go in these people's minds when they
chose this one guy

and make his nights more difficult with nightmares? is it for
the fun of challenging
a respectable guy?

sorry for the manichean cliché but the terror of capitalistic
cheeky recklessness
towards all confrontationial voices seems without a limit and
it's scary like a
bloody pentagram on
a chanel dress



wear it like a cool record you don't like

valuable fiction

description d'un objet minuscule dans ses mains minuscules

i have two big issues in my bag, one about overloading and pop, the other about context and masterpieces

yet all i can seem to be capable of writing about are small objects

i don't have any in my bag though.

please discard the new animal collective and go buy this record instead

every part of him is moving

and i've been writing this song about a boy genius, please suggest lines if you have any ideas on the subject

Fish hopes he doesn't have a roommate, because the roomates in hospitals are always deformed and either too sick or not sick enough to be there in the

first place

lundi, octobre 10, 2005

if it's fake

why is that all bloody katakana everywhere i need to practice my hiragana

for your information, i'll be doing that touring sweden and norway for the next eight days. see you in either Stockholm, Lund, Norrkoping, Vaxjo, Goteborg, or Oslo.

and i haven't even started packing i haven't even washed the floor and i'm all dreary listening to indie rock

samedi, octobre 08, 2005

ask the guy with the big white beard

i've had this flamboyant dream with this flamboyant song

why is that

audiocassette auguries

i remember buying


the place had just opened it was probably 1989 and my parents had had the weird idea of us taking tennis lessons together on sunday mornings there because they really had this fantasy with being posh and have us wear these austrian jackets they'd bought us in salzburg the previous summer because my father has this thing with salzburg but it was hopeless, we had dirty hands all the time and we were LOUD children and my brother was taking pisses at everyone all the time and we had dark hair and i often had lice and all i really was interested in was the tiny shop that sold audiocassettes like in every single place where we would go.

i also remember my mother buying me
in firenze and i almost cried when she yelled at me so i didn't enter the record shop and i couldn't understand why

and a year and a half later

in Aix-en-provence

for absolutely no other reason that they'd just come out

when i talked to her on the phone earlier today i forgot to tell her i have this thing with him again these days that it's weird listening to these records again with my ears of now plus i had to buy them all again and it's a mingling of recognition because i do still know all the lyrics by heart and of a total awe of discovery because i now totally hear he's using a sampler and a 707 beatbox and i understand "the cross" is a total velvet underground rip-off and i totally hear how it's brilliant and why people use the big g*n*us word and i can understand the lyrics of "if i was your girlfriend" and i can laugh with him and get embarassed

i think i bought all his other albums myself they were cds and i bought them on my own in La Baule when we went there with Mimi and Anna and Nicolas but it was july my parents weren't there

mardi, octobre 04, 2005

pretty funny

found this on michael bérubé's ever enlightening diary and smiled for at least 8 sec

Tuesday, January 08, 1985
Testing, testing
Gee, I wonder if this Arpanet thing will ever catch on. Right now it’s pretty lonely-- just a bunch of DoD programmers and contractors, so far as I can see. But it’s really cool all the same. Sometimes I think it could almost be like an “invisible web” that can link computer users worldwide, just like in Neuromancer. That would rock.

I don’t know if anyone will ever read this, but now that I have this amazing Leading Edge computer of my very own, I might as well keep a journal on it. Sort of like a “log” of my thoughts, grad-school notes, and comments on events of the day. (Christ, that was the most depressing election I can imagine. I’m seriously thinking of moving to Canada!) I could call it a “Bérubé Log,” or “blog,” for short. No one would know what the hell I’m talking about. But then, that happens all the time anyway.

So Godspeed, my humble blog! May you someday find a sympathetic reader, or perhaps attract the notice of some kind of futuristic cyberspace casino operator or diet-drug merchant.
Posted by Michael on 01/08 at 02:15 PM

pretty necessary atom

at 0.58 of the demo for publishers version of Don't Think Twice It's All Right on the Bootleg Series Vol.7 that was just released he sings the words "when the rooster crows at the break of down" with a sort of nodal emphasis that goes downwards as some sort of reversed catcher that sounds both as some slowed down reminder of his grinning origin and the most heartbreaking vocal variation i've heard in i don't know IT JUST MAKES ME WANT TO CRY MY ASS OUT AND EVERYTHING ELSE IS

the man has a limited amount of time so do i

pretty grey rentree

katerine sings "il me reste plus beaucoup de temps"

mccartney sings "i thought my time was up"

katerine sings "il me reste plus beaucoup de temps

sur mon portable"

samedi, octobre 01, 2005

let david speaks for you